Mercedes in Cold Weather
How to Take Care of Your Mercedes Benz In Extreme Cold Weather


Summer has drawn to a close and autumn is here. Winter is just around the corner, and, judging by the extreme weather conditions we’ve witnessed in recent times, it may just be an icy one. So how can you prepare as a Mercedes driver, and how will rock bottom temperatures affect your vehicle? How do […]

Hard to Maintain
Is a Mercedes Benz Hard to Maintain?


Mercedes are high-performance luxury vehicles that are designed to handle to an exceptional level. If you’re considering purchasing a vehicle created by this long-established brand, it’s likely that you’ll be eager to ensure that it continues to function to the highest possible standard. If you’re wondering how to maintain your Mercedes Benz to an optimal […]

Used Mercedes Car - Dronsfield
What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Used Mercedes?


When it comes to quality, performance and style, Mercedes vehicles consistently rank very highly. But can the same be said for second-hand models of the same brand? When considering the purchase of a used car, many individuals share the same concerns – including the threat of potential mechanical problems or the possibility of being “ripped […]

Mercedes-Benz Service
What’s the Difference Between Mercedes-Benz Service A and B?


It’s important to ensure that you’re servicing your Mercedes Benz vehicle on a regular basis – but what exactly does that mean?

Interim Vs Full Service
Interim vs Full Service: What’s the Difference?


If you own a vehicle, you’ll know that it’s vital to ensure that it is regularly serviced. While this is not a legal requirement, it is your obligation to ensure that your car is safe. According to, you can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points for […]

The Importance of Fleet Maintenance Services


If a good portion of the services offered by your business revolves around the use of vehicles as part of a fleet – whether they are required for the delivery of goods or equipment, passenger transport, the location-based provision of services or anything else – then fleet maintenance services may already have been recommended to […]

Car Servicing
3 Important Benefits of Regular Car Servicing


As vehicle owners, we’re regularly told to keep on top of our car servicing and maintenance. Unlike your MOT, arranging a full car service annually is not a legal requirement – so why do it?  The answers are clear. At Dronsfields, we see first hand both the outstanding benefits of car servicing and the obvious […]

Certified Mercedes Mechanic
Why You Need a Certified Mercedes-Benz Mechanic


Your car is a vital part of your lifestyle, so it’s always best to be discerning about who services and maintains it. Of course, it is tempting to simply opt for any trained car mechanic – whether this is because they’re located nearby or because their prices are low – but the truth is you’ll […]

Car Servicing
What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done On A Vehicle?


Our vehicles are designed to be tough and hard-wearing, but regular use – particularly on tough terrain – can lead to gradual wear and tear that may worsen and cause major problems over time. We’re constantly told that we need to keep our vehicles in good working order – and, of course, ensuring that we […]

Mercedes Benz - Dronsfields
How Often Do You Need to Service A Mercedes?


They may be high-performance vehicles, but this does not mean that Mercedes car servicing should be undertaken any less regularly than that of other makes. In fact, if you wish to retain the high quality of your vehicle’s handling and functionality, a regular Mercedes service check may be more important than you think. From fuel […]

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