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A Guide To Summer Car Maintenance


It’s extra-important to maintain your car during summer, as the warmer months see most of us looking forward to holidays and day trips. We travel longer distances – often in high temperatures – at this time of year, and a fault or breakdown can mean the difference between enjoying your dream vacation and ending up […]

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Which Type Of Service Does My Car Need?


It’s vital that you take your vehicle for regular servicing in order to ensure that it runs smoothly and that all of its functions continue to perform at the highest possible level. Not only will this save you a great deal of stress and frustration, but it’s also likely that you’ll also save money in […]

Mercedes - First MOT
When Do I Need To Get My First MOT After Buying A New Mercedes?


If you’ve just bought a car, it’s important to find out when you should book an MOT and service for the first time. Here, we’ll seek to answer that question and provide plenty of other details regarding your first MOT for a new car. How can you check if your car is due an MOT? […]

Car Service
What’s the Difference Between a Car Service and an MOT?


If you’re considering taking your vehicle for some checks for the first time, you may be wondering you’ll be needing an interim or full car service or MOT. If you’re not sure of the difference between a service and MOT, it’s important to be sure which you require before you book. To help you, the […]

What Should I Do Before I Take My Car to be Serviced?


Many drivers get a little nervous before booking a car service, as it’s often hard to know what issues may arise and what expenses may be incurred as a result. However, there are a few things you can do before you take your car into the garage that may just help to save you time, […]

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What Does An Interim Car Service Include?


Most car servicing centres offer two main types of servicing – a full car service and an interim car service.

Interim & Full service
How Do I Know If I Need an Interim Or a Full Service?


Most garages and service centres offer two main types of service: a full car service and an interim car service.

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How Long Is An MOT Certificate Valid For?


Booking your MOT test for the right time is extremely important. Failing to keep track of test dates and continuing to drive your car beyond the point of your most recent certificate’s validity can have serious consequences.

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What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Maintenance And Management?


Your fleet of cars, trucks or any other work-related vehicles is a considerable asset to your organisation, so it’s important that they are cared for effectively.

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How Often Does A Car Need Servicing?


Some people mistakenly think that because servicing their vehicle is not a legal requirement nor a matter that affects their insurance, it is not necessary to invest in regular tune-ups. However, it’s vital to ensure that your car is running correctly and that any issues are seen to and rectified as soon as possible, as […]

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