It’s important to ensure that you’re servicing your Mercedes Benz vehicle on a regular basis – but what exactly does that mean?

It’s often difficult to decide when your car or van will next need a few tweaks or tune-ups, which is why a unique means of Mercedes Benz maintenance scheduling has been created for all vehicles from this brand made after 2009.

The experts at Mercedes have developed a two-tiered approach to servicing. It’s known as the Flexible Service System, and divides your vehicle’s requirements into “Mercedes Service A” and “Mercedes Service B”.

One of the major benefits of this approach is that the system is programmed to remind you when you need to arrange servicing of either kind for your vehicle, which means you have one less thing to remember.

But what’s the difference between a Mercedes service A and Mercedes service B? The experts at Mercedes approved service providers, Dronsfields, will explain below.

What Is A Mercedes Service A?

A Mercedes Service A is a series of checks, adjustments and inspections that your vehicle will need after its first 10,000 miles – and then once every 2 years or 20,000 miles; again, whichever is the soonest.

As part of a Mercedes service A, your car’s oil filter and synthetic motor oil will be replaced, all fluid levels will be checked and topped up, tyre pressure will be investigated and corrected and your brakes will be tested.

After this, the system’s specialist counter will be reset so that it is ready to inform you when your next Service A will be due. Your service sheet will also be updated.

What Is A Mercedes Service B?

A Mercedes Service B is a slightly different set of tweaks and inspections from those offered as part of a Service A. After a car’s first 20,000 miles, it will require a Service B.

Following this, it is likely to require another once every two years – or after the next 20,000 miles.

The intervals between a car’s Service A and Service B are determined by the system itself, which takes into account the amount of driving you tend to do and the way you handle the vehicle itself.

Like in a Service A, this second type of check-up includes replacing your oil and oil filter, but you’ll also get your combination or cabin dust filter changed.

Your brakes will be checked – again, much like in the Mercedes Service A – but their fluid will also be changed.

All other fluid levels will also be looked into and adjusted and your system’s counter will again be reset and its service sheet updated.

What’s the Difference Between a Mercedes Service A and Mercedes Service B?

Simply put, what’s the difference between a Mercedes Benz Service A and Mercedes Service B?

Service A includes a top-up of oil, a change of oil filter, fluid level and tyre pressure adjustment and brake checks. Service B includes all of the above as well as a change of combination or cabin dust filter and an exchange of brake fluid. Both are managed without you having to lift a finger.

The main difference between these two types of servicing is the slight distinction between the types of adjustments and checks that are performed in each one.

The oil and filter need to be regularly changed – so both forms of Mercedes Benz maintenance include this element. The same is the case with tyre pressure and fluid levels.

However, because a Service A is completed after its first 10,000 miles and a Service B occurs after 20,000 (if the system opts to go by mileage rather than time), there are a few more detailed inspections that are completed as a part of the latter type of service.

The beauty of this system is that you are not required to keep track of when to next check your car in for a service. This is not dependent on time, but on the type of driving you do and the distances you cover. Which one is required at any one time is down to the system itself.

Your Mercedes system will be reset every time you take it in for either type of check-up, and will count down until it judges that the time is right to take your car for a service once again.

Another considerable benefit of this type of system is that you will never need to waste money on servicing your Mercedes Benz when there is no need to. You will only be notified when it is the right time to book it into your nearest approved garage.


If your vehicle is ready for its next service, the Mercedes-trained specialists at Dronsfields will be able to book you in.