When it comes to quality, performance and style, Mercedes vehicles consistently rank very highly. But can the same be said for second-hand models of the same brand?

When considering the purchase of a used car, many individuals share the same concerns – including the threat of potential mechanical problems or the possibility of being “ripped off” at the point of sale. However, there are many benefits of buying a used Mercedes Benz vehicle that will assuage these fears, and many others besides.

Here, the Mercedes servicing specialists at Dronsfields list the chief reasons to consider buying a used vehicle of this make. Read on to find out more.

The Benefits Of Buying A Used Mercedes Benz

There are a number of factors that make the purchase of a used Mercedes a smart choice: 

Value for money

Great craftsmanship

Long-lasting modern qualities

A superb reputation

A wide variety of models to choose from

While buyers may discover other benefits on a case by case basis, we’ll explain these principle perks in greater depth below.

Value for money 

The average new car will depreciate by 50 to 60% of its original price per year. By contrast, the fall in value of a Mercedes is 10% less – in the first three years of its life at the very least. This makes a used Mercedes Benz a more worthwhile investment from the start.

These numbers reflect the faith automotive experts and car enthusiasts have in the Mercedes brand compared to other makes, and for good reason. As you’ll discover as you look into the other factors listed later on, the benefits of buying a used Mercedes Benz makes it a very intelligent investment that will pay back dividends.

The fact that you will pay an average of 40% less for a second hand Mercedes than you might for a new one is rather astonishing considering the capabilities that a “preloved” vehicle is likely to retain well into its life with you.

After all, used Mercedes vehicles are likely to perform just as well and look just as great as they did fresh off the production line, particularly if you invest in specialist Mercedes servicing undertaken by approved professionals.

Good records of craftsmanship

The Mercedes brand is well known for the quality of the parts used and the attention to detail with which each vehicle is built. Consumer Reports have reviewed Mercedes vehicles glowingly since the early 1970s, and the brand’s standards have not wavered.

Furthermore, with many parts lovingly developed in-house to perform as well as possible – including specialist key designs, ignition switches and steering locks for utmost security – there are many reasons to rely on the Mercedes brand for both new and used vehicles of quality.

For best results, be sure to utilise a specialist with access to brand-specific parts when considering Mercedes servicing. This way, you can rest assured that any replacement elements have been designed with your vehicle in mind – potentially increasing its longevity and maintaining the standard of its handling.

Modern qualities for a used car

Due to the expert evolution of numerous features developed by Mercedes – such as the brand-specific servicing system that monitors your driving and automatically counts down to when your car’s next check-up is due – you’ll enjoy state of the art performance and ease-of-use with Mercedes.

This is also the case with used vehicles. Mechanics in Mercedes-approved service centres will be extremely well-versed in keeping all of the advanced elements of your vehicle up to date, so you can continue to enjoy driving a used vehicle that can still easily compete with new models.

Great reputation

Due to the above elements – along with the trademark sleek look and impressive cultural standing of the brand – it’s a given that any Mercedes vehicle, whether new or second hand will always benefit from a superb reputation.

While this may not be the first thing you look for in a used car, it’s definitely a bonus. This aspect will help you enjoy ownership of a Mercedes of any age still more – plus, it goes a long way towards assuring the comparatively slow depreciation ensured by vehicles of this brand. After all, Mercedes are desirable vehicles!

Wide range of models to choose from

Mercedes has long been a prolific producer of a great variety of high-performing vehicles. This is a superb bonus for any prospective buyer, as it means they are bound to find a model that suits their tastes. 

Another major plus is that it’s rarely difficult to find the perfect specialist part to use in the maintenance of your vehicle should this be required, as there are so many iterations of each model that contain interchangeable elements.

The mechanics at Dronsfields regularly break all kinds of Mercedes models, meaning they have the ability to replace or adjust virtually any part of your vehicle with a part that was made specifically for it.

Specialist Mercedes parts generally perform better than one-size-fits-all alternatives due to the painstaking process with which each element of a Mercedes vehicle is designed to suit their models.

Once you are the proud owner of a used Mercedes Benz, it’s vital to ensure that your car is taken for regular servicing – just as you would if it were brand new. This way, you’ll save money on any future repairs and keep your car running like new for years to come.

In conclusion, the main benefits of purchasing a Mercedes Benz vehicle are not to be sniffed at. They include considerable value for money, excellent craftsmanship, modern qualities (which, in the case of many models, have already stood the test of time), the brand’s great reputation and the variety of choice available.

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