Your vehicle will accrue wear and tear throughout the year, so it’s highly recommended that you arrange for it to undergo a full service annually.

When the time comes to invest in a full car service for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, there’s no one better to turn to than the UK’s largest independent Mercedes specialists, Dronsfields. 

Why Choose Dronsfields?

Over the past 40 years, our family-run company has built  Mercedes-Benz expertise – both personal and commercial vehicles. 

Our team is fully training in Mercedes servicing and we’re authorised to order & replace Theft Related Parts including Keys, ignition switches and steering locks. 

Your vehicle will be in the safest of hands throughout.

Standard Service Prices
Prices including VAT

Class Option A* Option B*
Mercedes A Class From: £130.00 From: £210.00
Mercedes B Class From: £130.00 From: £210.00
Mercedes C Class From: £190.00 From: £260.00
Mercedes E Class From: £190.00 From: £260.00
Mercedes CLS From: £190.00 From: £260.00
Mercedes CLK From: £190.00 From: £260.00
Mercedes M Class From: £210.00 From: £260.00
Mercedes GL From: £210.00 From: £260.00
Mercedes R Class From: £210.00 From: £260.00
Mercedes S Class From: £230.00 From: £360.00
Mercedes CL From: £230.00 From: £360.00
Mercedes SL From: £230.00 From: £360.00

*AMG line models prices may vary. All services subject to varied additional items based on age / mileage.

Other Service Prices
Prices including VAT

Service Price
Air con regass £120.00
*5 Speed Automatic £160.00
7 Speed Automatic/Sprinter stop-start price on application £240.00
A Class new shape auto £290.00


Commercial Vehicles Prices
Prices including VAT

Type Option A* Option B*
Vito £120.00 £215.00
New Vito £125.00 £220.00
Sprinter 903 £120.00 £230.00
Sprinter 906* £120.00 £230.00
Citan £95.00 £200.00

*Depending on mileage or year your vehicle may require extra work.

If your Mercedes just needs new cart parts,

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Dronsfields have been providing quality vehicle maintenance services for decades. We provide expert Mercedes-Benz car servicing at our home in Oldham, Greater Manchester and are open from Monday to Saturday every week.




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