They may be high-performance vehicles, but this does not mean that Mercedes car servicing should be undertaken any less regularly than that of other makes.

In fact, if you wish to retain the high quality of your vehicle’s handling and functionality, a regular Mercedes service check may be more important than you think.

From fuel consumption levels to damage prevention and safety, Mercedes car servicing can help you to run your vehicle in an affordable and efficient manner for the duration of its lifespan, without any significant loss in performance quality.

Here, the Mercedes specialists at Dronsfields answer some of the major questions involving Mercedes maintenance, including “how often should I have my Mercedes serviced?” “why should I have a Service Care Plan?” and “what price is a service on a Mercedes Benz?”. Read on to find out more.

How Often Should I Have My Mercedes Serviced?

You are not required by law to have your car serviced at all. However, regular maintenance will save you money in the long term on repairs and running costs such as fuel consumption.

It will also contribute significantly to your safety and that of those around you by preventing dangerous faults and make the outcome of your annual MOT more affordable and easy to manage.

Recommended Mercedes Benz service intervals should be once every 10,000 miles if you do a great deal of driving, or once a year if that represents a shorter space of time. This should be sufficient to keep the vehicle running well.

Tips for Servicing

– Don’t wait for a year to pass since your last service if you suspect there’s something wrong. By the time the date comes around, the damage may have worsened.

– Book your service in advance. That way, you can plan what to do while you wait for it to be completed, and you don’t run the risk of the garage being too busy to help you.

– Book your service on the same day as your MOT. It’s best if the MOT takes place first, so that you can immediately arrange for any faults to be corrected during the service.

– The easiest way to stay on top of your Mercedes car servicing is to set up a Mercedes ServiceCare plan.

Why You Should Have a ServiceCare Plan

Unique to Mercedes, ServiceCare provides you with cover which includes all parts and labour for up to four services. You can choose the number of services for which you’ll require cover over the period of your choice (from 12 months to 48 months at a time).

This system allows you to keep on top of what you’ll be spending on servicing by spreading the cost. The amount you pay may be as low as £29 per month.

You can also choose to pay the full amount upfront. Additional recommended checks and changes such as screen wash and brake fluid are included in the price.

You can pass on the plan to the next driver if you choose to sell your car, plus you can arrange for the required services to take place at any one of 140 locations across the UK.

The flexibility of this plan allows you greater freedom than you would otherwise receive when booking your Mercedes servicing on an ad-hoc basis, and may also save you money by keeping everything at a fixed price.

Approved servicing centres will also update your vehicle’s Digital Service Booklet (DSB) so you can keep to the recommended Mercedes Benz service intervals and you’ll always know when you last had your car maintained or checked.

What Price is a Service on a Mercedes-Benz?

This depends on the age and model of your vehicle, plus the type of service you require. A service on a Mercedes-Benz VITO 110 CDI aged under four years after a 25,000 mile interval may be as little as £80, while a Mercedes-Benz C250 BLUEF-CY ELEG CDI A of the same age after a 31,000 mile interval may cost you as much as £380.

So, to keep your Mercedes vehicle running as smoothly, safely and efficiently as possible, it’s best to service it at least once a year. You can arrange this independently as and when you prefer, but you can also save time, money and stress by investing in a Mercedes ServiceCare plan.

Of course, if you’re concerned about any issues arising between services, you shouldn’t hesitate to arrange for your car to be serviced at an earlier point!