Dronsfields is a specialist family-run business that offers cheap Mercedes car and van parts, as well as repairs.

When it comes to replacement parts and repairs for your Mercedes, we cannot be beaten. We’ve been in the replacement part industry for over 40 years and have grown considerably over that time.

When you buy from Dronsfields, you’re buying from the best.

Company history – the early days

We’re immensely proud of our reputation as the UK’s best independent Mercedes Benz specialists for replacement parts and repairs.

Our family-run business has grown from strength to strength over the years.

So, where did it all begin?

Melvyn Dronsfield founded the company in 1968. Back then our business was solely based on the trade of vans and commercial vehicles. We later made the decision to specialise in Mercedes Benz vehicles and Mercedes parts.

Dronsfields today

A lot has changed over the years. We now employ over 50 highly qualified staff that work across our various departments, including our high-tech dismantling yard and the busy sales office, which is headed up by Ian – the youngest of the Dronsfield siblings.

Our Manchester-based breaking yard enjoys a high turnover of vehicles, which enables us to offer a wide-range of spare parts for various Mercedes vehicles. You can see what items are currently available in the breaking yard here.

We use high-tech equipment and employ trained Mercedes specialist technicians to give you the best possible service, from car checks to spare parts.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality Mercedes services

We’ve broadened our horizons even further to perform on the international stage. Not only do we supply high-quality services to most of the UK, we also ship and export parts around the world, from New Zealand to Saudi Arabia.

While our business has grown and changed over the years, our commitment to quality and our family values have remained the same.

Low-cost Mercedes parts

We’ve also kept our prices highly competitive. You’ll receive a fantastic service at prices that won’t break the bank, unlike if you were to visit your local Mercedes dealership.

Our motto is: buy with confidence. You are buying from the BIGGEST and the BEST!

Please note that we also provide new Mercedes Benz parts as well as used spares, however, these must be fitted in one of our workshops.