If a good portion of the services offered by your business revolves around the use of vehicles as part of a fleet – whether they are required for the delivery of goods or equipment, passenger transport, the location-based provision of services or anything else – then fleet maintenance services may already have been recommended to you. 

Of course, you know very well how important it is to keep your collection of vehicles maintained, safe, well organised and performing to the best of their ability – but are you aware of the huge role that investing in fleet servicing could play in these matters?

Here, our expert fleet maintenance team explains a little more about how you and your vehicles could benefit from fleet servicing.

Reducing Vehicle Costs

Efficiency is a key part of ensuring that your company’s expenditure is as low as possible. After all, there is a cost attached to everything, including your time and that of your drivers.

If you opt for high-quality fleet servicing, you can rest assured that the efficiencies of your fleet’s performance will be maximised – plus, considerable attention will be given to the discovery of cost-saving areas that it would simply take too long to hunt for yourself.

Because all of your vehicles will be managed under one plan when you choose this approach, you’re likely to see a reduction in costs straight away when it comes to your time. As the months go on, you will also save a great deal more than you will have spent on fleet maintenance. Your vehicles’ fuel efficiency will be optimised – resulting in savings here – plus, regular servicing always results in far fewer breakdowns, so you’ll save even more on recovery and maintenance. Of course, having a fully maintained and functional set of vehicles will also mean that you are less likely to receive penalties and fines. Your customer satisfaction will benefit hugely too.

Overall, failing to maintain your fleet will see you wasting considerable amounts of money that could otherwise be saved as the result of an efficient fleet servicing plan.

Reducing Vehicle Downtime

You’ll naturally want your vehicles to be fully operational for as much time as possible in order to get the best possible return on your investment. Downtime – periods when your vehicles are out of service for maintenance purposes – always has a great impact on your productivity and budget. It can sideline a driver and have a heavy impact on your customer service, proving damning and expensive for you as a company.

After all, should a vehicle be taken off the road for a considerable length of time, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay for a replacement rental or incur the obvious expense of losing a valuable resource for your business.

However, you can opt for carefully scheduled fleet maintenance, which will be particularly effective if it can be arranged to take place during off-road hours. Using this method, the number of breakdowns and faults your vehicles will experience can be heavily reduced, while as many units as possible within your fleet will remain on the road during your hours of operation, so your service will experience a minimal negative impact.

Ensuring Vehicle Compliance

Whatever the types of vehicles that can be found within your fleet, you will be required as a company to ensure that they meet certain operational requirements.

Whether you are charged with ensuring that it adheres to the requirements of regulatory bodies or you are aiming to meet the chief “green objectives” that are expected of you as a result of this increasingly environmentally aware society, your fleet must maintain full compliance at all times.

However, many fleet managers are aware of the huge amount of time and work it takes to keep on top of these factors. Often, they can feel like a waste of valuable hours and resources. However, it all goes towards ensuring the safety of your vehicles, their individual operators and other drivers on the road around them – plus, in the grand scheme of things, it’s vital that we all work to reduce our impact on the environment.

The team at Dronsfields specialises in Mercedes car compliance among many other makes and models. We will always be able to assist you in ensuring that every one of your vehicles meets the specialist criteria that is required of it.

Opting for high-quality fleet maintenance services can mean the difference between running an efficient, well-maintained collection of vehicles that are safe and cost-effective, and struggling to hold together a group of cars, vans or lorries that break down often and are regularly removed from service in order to be maintained.

It also comes with the added benefit that you only require one set of paperwork. You can arrange for all of your vehicles to be maintained at the same time, reducing the amount of time and stress you’ll spend booking each one in on different dates.

Simply put, high-quality fleet maintenance services make your life as a fleet manager many times easier. You’ll save time and money, run your vehicles more efficiently and feel safe in the knowledge that each one always complies with its individual requirements.


For further information about the fleet maintenance services available from the experienced mechanics at Dronsfields, just call 0333 240 1020 or get in touch using our handy online contact form today. A member of our friendly and knowledgeable fleet servicing team will tell you everything you wish to know.