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How to Protect your Mercedes-Benz during Summer Weather

Post Date: 15th June 2018


For those Mercedes-Benz owners who like to look after their vehicle all year round, there are plenty of seasonal maintenance checks that are essential for keeping the car working perfectly.

Even if you aren’t a car-fanatic, performing checks and regular maintenance will improve the longevity of your car, along with cutting down on any expensive mechanic bills in the near-future too. Have a read below of our short guide to how you can look after your Mercedes-Benz during the summer months.

Protect the paintwork

The biggest mistake you can make during the summer is parking your car in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. As much as it can be tough to avoid, very strong sunlight can end up damaging the paintwork by making it crack and peel. Try to park your car in shade as much as possible, either in a garage or under the cover of trees.

The other preventative measure you can take is by waxing your car. Not only will this protect the bodywork from becoming chipped and damaged from debris, but it will also help protect the paint from getting damaged by direct sunlight.

Cover the interior

Alongside keeping your Mercedes in a shaded area to protect the paintwork, you may also want to consider covering up the interior too. Leaving your interior uncovered can create a lot of dust and even damage the interior, including discolouring fabric and making leather crack.

Use a windshield cover regularly to protect your interior, as well as keeping it cool for when you want to drive. Alternatively, think about getting a car cover if you aren’t planning on driving the vehicle any time soon, as this will cover up the interior and the paintwork from any direct sunlight and subsequent damage.

Check the tyres

While summer is a good time to check you have the correct tyre pressure, this maintenance should be taking place all year round.

First off, check the tread for any small stones, nails or other debris that may have got trapped, as well as cracks in the tyre wall. The tread should also be at least 1.6mm in depth – any less and the tyres are deemed unsafe and also illegal to drive on. A quick test you can perform is fitting a 20p coin in between the grooves – if you can’t see the outer band of the coin if you roll it round it means that the tyre is still road legal.

For more information on tyre maintenance, check out our blog post on the subject here.

Fluid Levels

Another maintenance check that should be undertaken in all seasons is checking all essential fluids. That means oil levels, brake fluid, windscreen washer and even power-steering if necessary. Checking these frequently are vital for the running of the vehicle and are best topping up or refilling prior to the colder weather of autumn and winter setting in later in the year.


It is fairly common knowledge that during excessive summer heat a battery can become overcharged, which can reduce the battery life and even stop it from functioning altogether. This occurs from the internal battery fluid from evaporating so it might be worth getting it checked by a mechanic if it has stopped working properly.

As an owner, the best thing you can do during summer is keep the battery as clean as possible. This means opening the bonnet, removing the engine cover and removing any dust or grime that has accumulated there. Also check the battery for any damage such as cracked wires.

Air Conditioning

Last but not least, if you want to keep cool in your car this summer it’s best to check your air conditioning system. This can often become clogged with dust or become faulty over time so it’s best to check this function frequently, even in colder weather. If it isn’t performing as usual, it might be that the system has a leak or it may just need the coolant level to be topped up. Check with your local mechanic on how to ‘recharge’ your air conditioning system.

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