If you go to start your car, only to find that it just makes a clicking sound when you turn the key, you could be dealing with a dead battery. This is nothing to be alarmed at – in fact, most drivers will encounter a dead battery at some point during their lives.

Although a dead battery is easily repairable, it’s also important to remember that, in a Mercedes, there are three options with how you can jump start the vehicle.

First of all, work out whether or not your battery is completely flat or if it is partially discharged. If it is completely flat, you will not be able to turn anything in the car on that’s powered by the engine. If the battery is just partially discharged, you will hear a very distinctive clicking sound when you turn your key in the ignition.

3 ways to jump start your Mercedes:

Use jump start cables with another car This is the most common way to charge your battery. However, this also carries the most risk.
Use a booster starter jump box For the best results, keep the booster starter jump box connected to the battery for at least 15 mins after the car starts.
Use a battery charger to charge the battery This is the safest method.

Here at Dronsfields, we always recommend using a specialist battery charger to charge your battery. It may take a little longer, but it means you’ll avoid the various risks associated with jumpstarting your car from another vehicle.

However, in some instances charging your car battery this way is not an option, so here’s how to jump start a Mercedes Benz correctly.

Top tip: when choosing a set of jumper cables, select some that have a thicker wire.

Park both cars next to each other, or facing each other, and set the emergency brakes. It’s then time to open the hood on both cars then turn your second car off, before removing the key from your Mercedes ignition.

Next, connect the jumper cables to the second car’s battery, and avoid letting them touch together. Once that’s done, connect the other end to your Mercedes jump start terminals. If your Mercedes does not have these, you can attach them directly onto the battery itself.

Remember: connect the positive jump clasps to the positive end of the second car battery, and then to your Mercedes Benz. Then repeat with the negative to negative jump clasps, and connect these to the Mercedes ground terminal.

If you have someone with you, get them to rev the second car up to around 2000rpm, or 60mph. If you are alone, leave the second car as it is. Let the battery charge for at least five minutes, and once the car starts, disconnect the cables.