An MOT test is a legally required, annual test of vehicle safety and roadworthiness. Your MOT will not only ensure that your vehicle is safe and compliant, but will also ensure it’s running as well as it should. Dronsfields can provide an expert MOT for your Mercedes-Benz car or van and keep your vehicle safely on the roads.


Car or van servicing should be carried out repeatedly after a certain period of time, or after your vehicle has travelled a certain amount of miles. It’s vital to service your car or van regularly to keep it running efficiently, as well to keep it safe and road compliant. We’ve been a Mercedes approved service centre in Manchester for years, offering specialist car and van services. We pride ourselves in the quality and effectiveness of our services.


Got a burning question about car or van servicing or MOT? Take a read through our Frequently Asked Questions below, and if you’ve still got a question to ask – or if you’d like to book in for a service or MOT – get in touch with us.



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