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Dronsfields have been providing specialist Mercedes services in Manchester for decades. We provide expert Mercedes-Benz car servicing at our home in Oldham. Whilst also offering a large selection of genuine used Mercedes car parts which can be sent to you instantly at an affordable price. Open from Monday to Saturday every week.

Mercedes MOT and Service Centre in Manchester

At Dronsfield, our team of experienced and friendly mechanics will carry out a Mercedes MOT tests for both commercial and personal vehicles, so you can fulfil all of your full car service and MOT requirements.

Being one of the largest independent Mercedes specialists in Manchester. Not only will we ensure that your vehicle is suitable for roadworthy conditions for as little as £95 including VAT, you can also take advantage of our drop-off, drive, lounge & collect service.

Why Choose Dronsfields?

Over the past 40 years, our family-run company has built Mercedes-Benz expertise for both personal and commercial vehicles.

Our team is fully trained in Mercedes service checks and MOTs. We offer a wide range of specialist and full services including windscreen wash checks, filter changes, tyre pressure checks, and oil and filter changes, brake fluid checks, top-ups, and major service. We also provide an express service.

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Dronsfields have been providing quality vehicle maintenance services for decades. We provide expert Mercedes-Benz car servicing at our home in Oldham, Greater Manchester and are open from Monday to Saturday every week.


Got a burning question about car or van servicing or MOT? Take a read through our Frequently Asked Questions below, and if you’ve still got a question to ask – or if you’d like to book in for a service or MOT – get in touch with us.

This depends on your requirements, but prices can be as low as £95 including VAT.

You can still drive your car after failing an MOT as long as you get any problems fixed as soon as possible. The only exception occurs if a “dangerous” failure is discovered. This means that the vehicle can’t be driven until it is repaired.

We charge only £54.85 for a personal or commercial vehicle. We recommend that you book an MOT and service for the same visit to save time and immediately rectify any problems. Book an MOT today at our Mercedes service centre in Manchester.

Our full service involves a wide variety of specialist checks and changes, including damage checks, oil and brake fluid checks and top-ups, filter changes, coolant and windscreen wash checks and top-ups and tyre tread and pressure checks. We’ll also check for any leaks, steering issues and other potential problems.

Most commonly, issues with light, wipers, washers and mirrors cause problems during MOT checks as this affects your view of the road. Tyre pressure issues and worn treads can also lead to a fail, so it’s important to check these before you take your car for its MOT. Book your Mercedes MOT Service in Manchester today!

Our Mercedes specialist service centre in Manchester is open from 07:30 – 17:00 Mondays to Fridays, 08.30 – 14:00 Saturdays and 09:00 – 12:00 Sundays and Bank Holidays.