Mercedes Bluetech Engine
The benefits of a replacement engine


When it comes to engines going bust, most people see it as the final nail in the coffin for their vehicle and choose to replace their entire car. While sometimes this is the best option, you shouldn’t rule out replacing your engine before going to a whole new car. Before we get into the benefits, […]

Synchronising your Mercedes Windows and Sunroof


How long will it take? How much will it cost? What’s the difficulty level? 5 minutes Free, if procedure works Easy How do I know if my Mercedes windows and sunroof need re-syncing? If one or more of the following occurs, you may need to re-sync your Mercedes windows and sunroof: • Your Mercedes window […]

Mercedes Sprinter Vision Van
A look at the new Mercedes Sprinter


When most people think of the Mercedes Benz, few picture anything other than a state-of-the-art car with a sleek design and a luxurious interior. However, when it comes to the Mercedes Sprinter van, this is a classic large van that incorporates all the comfort of the Mercedes brand with a practical solution to all your […]

Mercedes duo valve system
Ask a Mechanic Series – What is a duo valve system?


Mercedes vehicles have what is known as a duo valve system. What is a duo valve system and what does it refer to? It refers to the flow of air into the cabin. Why is it dualed? Because you need separate heat controls for the driver and passenger sides, the duo valves system means you […]

Night Time Driving
Night Driving: How to Stay Safe on the Road


Summer is officially over and the nights are drawing in. Whilst we’re more than used to chilly dark evenings in the UK, when it comes to driving under these conditions, many of us don’t take the extra precautions we should to stay safe on the roads at night. Here are some of the most effective […]

Scrapping your vehicle
The Do’s and Don’ts of Scrapping Your Vehicle


The older your car is, the more costly and unreliable it is generally going to be. MOTs and services add up, and long journeys on motorways can begin to feel perilous. And then ultimately, the day comes when your motor has to join the big old scrapyard in the sky. Considering that many cars get […]

Mercedes accessories
Top 5 DIY Mercedes Upgrades


1. Chrome door handles Image Credit: MB World Did you know that it’s possible to replace your Mercedes door handles yourself? It’s not a big job, taking on average about 15 minutes when done correctly. Here at Dronsfields, we stock a wide selection of chrome door handles for a range of different vehicle models – just […]

Vehicle checks
6 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Mercedes


Time and time again, Mercedes are seen as one of the best deals for second-hand cars. They not only look good, but the engines keep on running – making them a sound investment for anyone looking for good, reliable used car. But when it comes to buying a used Mercedes, what should you look for […]

Servicing your car
How often does your Mercedes need servicing?


If you own a Mercedes Benz, chances are you see your car as more of a way to get from one place to another. A Mercedes Benz is an investment, the creme de la creme of vehicles, that needs proper care in order for you to reap the benefits of owning one. With that in […]

Classic Mercedes restoration
Tips for a Mercedes Restoration


Restoring a classic car like the Mercedes Benz is an enjoyable and rewarding project, and with the right amount of time and dedication, can result in a magnificent car. Think of it as a phoenix rising from the ashes. However, to get the most from your Mercedes restoration project, it’s advisable to use the following […]

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