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Tips for a Mercedes Restoration

Post Date: 28th July 2017


Restoring a classic car like the Mercedes Benz is an enjoyable and rewarding project, and with the right amount of time and dedication, can result in a magnificent car. Think of it as a phoenix rising from the ashes.

However, to get the most from your Mercedes restoration project, it’s advisable to use the following tips.

Work out your budget

Sit down with a cuppa and a piece of paper and work out exactly how much you have to spend on a Mercedes restoration project. Have a think about which Mercedes model you would like to restore and have a look at the cost of parts for that particular model. Avoid deviating from your budget.

Many Mercedes owners enjoy restoring the 190, E-Class or SL-Class.

Find the right car

If you don’t already have a vehicle in mind that you’d like to restore, it’s worth having a think about how much time and work you’re prepared to put into the project. If this is your first car restoration project, it might be an idea to invest in a car that’s already partly restored. However, by all means give a full restoration a go if you think you’ll be able to give your project the commitment it needs.

Inspect the car thoroughly

It’s important that you inspect your car thoroughly prior to starting the restoration project. Use a torch to fully inspect the boot, under the seats, the engine area etc. You want to know your car inside and out before starting your project.

Avoid working with friends / family, unless they are a vehicle professional

Chances are, you’ll be parting with a fair amount of money over the course of your restoration project. We recommend that you avoid involving friends and family in your project, unless they 100% know what they are doing – otherwise you run the risk of relationships being harmed if the correct procedures are not followed.

The different levels of car restoration

Restoration Type Description
Driver Restoration Performed to get a car back into a fully functional condition. Often just requires some parts replacing and perhaps some minor cosmetic work.
Street Show The same as driver restoration, but repairing all major cosmetic problems. This should fall between the 80-89 point range if judged by a professional.
Show Car This type of restoration more often than not requires professional work, and should fall between the 90-95 point range if judged by a professional.
Concours This is the highest level of car restoration possible, and will most likely be completed entirely by professionals. It is likely that the car was already in good condition to be able to reach this stage, or has been invested in significantly.

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