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The future of car power

Post Date: 27th June 2016


Our planet is precious. That’s why the cars of the future have a focus on being ‘green’, and decreasing the amount of emissions they omit into the atmosphere.

Rechargeable vehicles

So what lies ahead for the future of Mercedes car power? This week, Mercedes announced that its upcoming GLC F-Cell hydrogen fuel-cell crossover SUV will include a battery pack, allowing it to be plugged in and recharged – the same as an electric car.

Since 2010, the prices of electric car batteries have dropped significantly. This is a huge difference from when the concept of an electric car was first envisioned. Back then, it was assumed that the batteries would be too expensive to perform a long-range at a reasonable price.

By 2025, in North America, people who have bought a Mercedes will be able to plug in and recharge their GLC F-Cells overnight, allowing them to start the day with a freshly charged battery.

It’s a lot like charging your phone at night.

The future of car batteries

Nowadays, the GLC F-Cell battery only offers around 25 miles. However, by 2025 these could offer 40 miles or even more.

This means the battery will be more efficient and will only use half as must power as it currently uses.

What does this mean?

The rise of the electric car, and the fact that they are becoming for financially available to the public, means it is now a very real possibility that the electric car range will expand, and will provide a less expensive alternative to hydrogen vehicles.

Facts about electric vehicles

•   Electric cars are much quieter than hydrogen cars. This could be especially advantageous to people who live close to heavily congested areas (e.g. in the centre of a city).

•   Electric cars have actually been around for about 180 years. In 1828, Anyos Jedlik made a model car that was propelled by a small electric engine.

•   Electric cars are popular among celebrities, with George Clooney, Cameron Diaz and Tom Hanks all owning one.

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