What is a Car Breaking Yard?


Have you ever used a car breaking yard before? If you have ever sold a car for scrap it’s likely it would have ended up being dismantled in a breaking yard, with separate parts being removed for use in other cars, or sold on to those who require additional parts. As the UK’s largest independent […]

Why are Diesel Cars in Decline?


Over the past 12 months there has been a steady decline in the amount of diesel cars sold in the UK and it has now got to the point where the amount is plummeting. But after such an impressive growth, how come the diesel bubble has suddenly burst? The BBC reported that in 2017, diesel […]

The Most Striking Mercedes Concept Cars in 2018


Ahead of the 88th Geneva Motor Show, where Mercedes-Benz is looking to debut a number of upcoming models such as the A-Class with in-built MBUX and the CLS 450 4MATIC, we started to dream big with a few of the most recent concept cars from this innovative car manufacturer. As a major supplier of Mercedes-Benz […]

New Mercedes W09 launched at Silverstone ahead of the 2018 Season


During a typical social media fanfare, the Mercedes F1 team announced their brand new F1 car that we will be seeing much more of over the 2018 season: the W09 EQ Power+. A few teasers and videos later, a full reveal took place live from Silverstone featuring the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and […]

How to Check the Fuel Pressure on a Mercedes Benz


Dedicated Mercedes Benz owners will perform frequent checks on their vehicles on a monthly basis, ensuring that everything is working smoothly – from the sound of the engine to the thickness of tyre treads. Looking after your car is well worthwhile to ensure it has a long lifespan, and as an owner you can have […]

10 Winter Maintenance Tips for your Mercedes Benz


  Amongst other things, the winter period can make driving your Mercedes Benz a lot more difficult as the roads become slippery with ice and some journeys can become more treacherous than others. The colder climate can have a profound effect on the inner workings of your vehicle, so it’s worth planning ahead to make […]

Tyre Maintenance for Mercedes-Benz Cars


As any good Mercedes owner knows; maintenance is everything. Whether it’s giving your E-Class a thorough clean once a month, or checking the engine on your SLK to make sure it’s ticking over, there are a range of different checks to be made to make sure that your car is always in working order. Without […]

Electric cars
Driverless Cars and the UK


The UK is pretty lacking when it comes to large, major carmakers. However, many experts think that this may change as the self-driving cars industry takes off. Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, said in a recent interview: “We tend to miss the fact that at technology we’re very good in this country”. He then went […]

Why you should never, ever buy a fake Mercedes part


Popular e-commerce site Amazon have often found themselves in hot water for allowing merchants to sell fake and/or counterfeit products on the site. This is often challenged by various cases, however Amazon has always managed to avoid being prosecuted as they are not the actual merchant, and can only try to police the sellers using […]

Power Steering Fluid
How to check/add power steering fluid on a Mercedes


How long will it take? How much will it cost? What’s the difficulty level? 15 mins Free (or the cost of steering fluid) Easy   If your Mercedes makes a whining noise when you steer, it could be that you’re running low on steering fluid. In these instances, it’s important to top up your steering […]

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