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Mercedes camper vans at festivals

Post Date: 20th June 2016


From August 15th – 18th 1969, the iconic Woodstock Festival took place in White Lake, New York. The “3 days of peace and music” left a strong legacy, and is still talked about by musicians today.

Almost half a million people attended the festival, many of which used camper vans as their mode of transport and accommodation.

Mercedes camper vans at festivals

Why stay in a camper van?

Arguably the most ‘traditional’ way to attend a festival, the festival music scene has long been accompanied by fields scattered with camper vans of all shapes and sizes.

The most iconic camper van of the festival scene is the VW sleeper van, but did you know that the Mercedes camper van has also been a huge part of festival life for decades?

While many revellers choose to attend the event in a leaky two-man tent, those who like a little more comfort often opt for a Mercedes camper van.


Converting a Mercedes van into a camper van

In the past, and occasionally during the present, many festivalgoers chose to convert their Mercedes Sprinter vans into campervans for the weekend.

How much conversion actually takes place varies heavily from van to van.

Some festivalgoers simply empty out the back of their Sprinter and put in a mattress and bedding inside to create a sleeping zone. This requires little to no effort (apart from maybe cleaning the back of the van first), and is a quick and easy way to create a fantastic space to catch some Z’s during the festival.

Other people choose to actually turn their Mercedes van into a fully-fledged camper van. This requires a lot of time, effort and skill to do.

Pipes and cables are often placed into the van, as well as wooden cabinets and cooking equipment, to get that authentic camper van experience.


Tips for doing a festival in your Mercedes camper van

  • • Check if the festival supplies electricity to camper vans. If not, you will have to use either a generator (many festivals do not allow this) or your vehicle battery.
  • • Make sure you have water-waste containers, and that you dispose of the waste properly.
  • • If you’re planning to take a large awning to enhance your festival experience, check how big you are allowed to go. Many festivals have a size limit on awnings, dependant on the size of the pitches.

If you need any spare parts for your Mercedes camper van, take a look through our range of model parts to see if you can find something to suit your needs.

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