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How to winterise your Mercedes-Benz

Post Date: 11th December 2017


Winter is well and truly upon us, with temperatures plummeting to below zero in many areas of the UK. These harsh temperatures can be detrimental to the overall health of your Mercedes, and in some cases can cause a costly amount of damage if you don’t winterise your vehicle properly.

Here are some things you can do to prepare your Mercedes Benz for winter.

Make sure your wipers are functioning properly

Your wipers are one of the most important components of your Mercedes Benz, especially in winter. Make sure they’re working properly and aren’t scraping across your windscreen, and consider choosing specialist wiper blades if you live in an area that experiences a lot of ice and snow.

Also, make sure that your wiper fluid isn’t frozen.

Have your battery inspected

Your Mercedes’ battery capacity will be reduced due to the cold temperatures, so it’s worth having your battery and battery cables inspected for fraying or corrosion, as well as the level of charge, by a Mercedes specialist.

Check your tires

We all know how dangerous icy roads can be, especially if you’re driving at night. Minimise the chance of losing your grip by making sure your tyres are ready to take on any adverse weather conditions. Check the tread depth and pressure, and even consider specialist winter tyres if you live somewhere that regularly experiences snow over the winter months.

Check your antifreeze levels

Improper antifreeze levels could damage your engine, especially in winter. Go to your nearest Mercedes Benz specialist to get this looked at, and get them to check your water levels while you’re there.

Use the right oil

Cold temperatures can cause your engine oil to thicken, which can cause a large amount of costly damage. To combat this, use thinner oil during the winter months. This means that the oil will be able to move faster and lubricate the engine – minimising the risk of damage.

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