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Ask a Mechanic Series – How does Mercedes Airmatic Suspension work?

Post Date: 10th November 2016


You car’s suspension is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without it, hitting a bump in the road could have serious consequences for you and you car. How does it work? Your car’s suspension absorbs the shock of the impact and and keeps your tyres on the road, ensuring you remain as comfortable as possible, and maintaining control of the vehicle as a whole.

Why is an Airmatic suspension different?

The Mercedes Airmatic suspension uses adjustable air springs, differing it from the suspensions found in most other vehicles, which use steel springs. They also benefit from ADS, their Adaptive Damping System, which actually adjust to the surface of the road, adding or removing air so that the driver doesn’t feel bumps as often.

This makes driving any vehicle equipped with an Airmatic suspension a much smoother experience.

If you fancy changing your driving experience, you can do so. The Airmatic suspension vehicles are equipped with comfort and sport driving modes, which drivers can switch between based on what they prefer.

4 things you didn’t know about Mercedes Benz

– A standard feature in every Mercedes-Benz car is that they all have enhanced disc brakes on all four wheels. This means that the front and rear brakes are individually activated just in case one of the braking systems fail.

– By the time each Mercedes Benz vehicle is approved, it has been inspected thousands of times. This is because Mercedes employs one inspector for every 11 workers.

– The final coat of paint for every Mercedes vehicle is applied by hand, to give it a smooth finish.

– Every Mercedes Benz vehicle is welded in 10,000 places, meaning that they will never rattle, squeak or groan as the model ages.

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