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Ask a Mechanic Series – How to Fix A Mercedes Door Hinge

Post Date: 07th December 2016


Sometimes, through old age and extensive use, your car’s door hinge may come loose and begin to sag. The first time many people notice that this has happened is usually when they try, and fail to close the door in question. Due to the hinges sagging, the door eventually will become slightly lower than its original position, meaning that every time you try to close it, it bounces back open again.

A short-term fix is to use both hands to lift the door back into its original position so that it can be closed. However, this won’t actually fix the problem, as the hinges will sag again as soon as the door is reopened. Left untreated, door hinges like this can end up broken beyond repair, and could even fly open when you’re driving along if you’re not careful, so it really is essential that you fix the problem before it turns into a safety issue.

However, it is possible to fix a car door hinge yourself. Just follow the following steps and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Check why the hinges are sagging

Your door hinges will be sagging because of one of two reasons, either: the bolts holding the hinge onto the car are beginning to come loose, or the hinge pin in the door has been overused over time or by people leaning on the door whilst it’s open.

Renewing a worn hinge pin

Either way, you’ll need to use a jack to lift the open door up slightly and fix the hinge. You can also use a volunteer to do this for you. Then you’ll need to remove the bolt pins that are holding the door to the body of the car, and replace them with new ones. To do this, simply tap the old pins out with a hammer and a drift, using the new pin as your drift to drive in as you force the old one out. Remember to oil the new pin before doing this.

If the pin has a jutting head, use a screwdriver to lever under the head and tap it out of the hole using a hammer. It’s also possible to use a special tool, a hinge-pin remover and replacer.

Renewing bolted door hinges

To do this, you’ll need to wind the window of the door shut and remove the door fittings and the trim panel. Uncover the hinges from inside the door panel and remember that some may be hiding under the floor covering.

Make sure your helper or jack is securely holding the door from the bottom, and unscrew the bolts using a screwdriver or impact driver. Ask your helper to lift the bottom corner of the door whilst you remove the lowest hinge, before asking them to hold the door in place whilst you put in the new hinges. Remember to oil the bolt holes so that the bolts go in easier. Double check the door is in the right position before you tighten the bolts.

Once you’ve done this, check the door opens and closes correctly and you’re good to go!

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