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The New 2018 Sprinter – The Technology

Post Date: 27th December 2017


In mid-2018, the 2-18 Mercedes Sprinter goes on sale to the general public. This model is set to be the most technologically advanced in the large van category ever, with the load, fuel efficiency and technology all set to be an improvement from the previous model.

Fleet-monitoring technology

As part of the future ‘adVANce’ initiative, the 2018 Sprinter has a range of new features, including fleet-monitoring technology. Here are some of its benefits:

  • A built-in communications module, that will allow fleet managers to monitor their vehicles as closely as they like
  • Remote control of loading areas
  • Automatic schedule maintenance to ensure all vans are off-road for the shortest possible time.

The Linux-based system can work with third-party technology, and so can be developed to suit the specific needs of the driver and fleet manager – for example for multi-drop deliveries.

What is the adVANce initiative?

The adVANce initiative is a movement from Mercedes, which aims to help the transport industry. Future vans and commercial vehicles will feature a range of digital and connected technologies, with the focus on making life easier for those working in the industry.

Monitor your fleet from your desktop

The fleet-monitoring technology means you can monitor your fleet of Sprinters from your desktop computer, using the Mercedes Pro software. There are a range of benefits to this software, including the ability to reroute a member of your fleet if they get lost or stuck in traffic.

Drive assisting technology

The 2018 Sprinter has a variety of driver assistance systems, including adaptive stability control and crosswind assist. There will be improvements in efficiency, as well as a range of variants aimed at addressing the needs of buyers and drivers across the different sectors.

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