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The Most Striking Mercedes Concept Cars in 2018

Post Date: 07th March 2018


Ahead of the 88th Geneva Motor Show, where Mercedes-Benz is looking to debut a number of upcoming models such as the A-Class with in-built MBUX and the CLS 450 4MATIC, we started to dream big with a few of the most recent concept cars from this innovative car manufacturer.

As a major supplier of Mercedes-Benz parts in the UK, we are always interested in new models that might one day make it to market since we’re the ones that will have to stock these new unique parts. We’ve listed a number of Mercedes-Benz concept cars below, along with a few other conceptual elements that have already been earmarked for implementation in the near future.

Maybach 6

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This streamlined concept car is one of the most striking Mercedes-Benz vehicles we’ve seen in a long time, embodying a sleek chassis that somehow manages to bridge the gap between a timeless classic and a futuristic vision.

This two-seater cabriolet is not only luxurious, but also is designed as an electric car with an output of 550kW and a range of over 500 kilometres. You only have to look at close up shots to realise that the interior is significantly different than anything we have seen before, with a minimalistic, uncluttered dashboard complete with a pure white leather finish.

AMG GT Concept

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The AMG has now become a household name for fans of Mercedes-Benz, as well as Formula 1, where it has been used as a safety car for the last twenty years. It has been frequently revamped over the years, and more recently has been developed as a concept car due to it celebrating a 50-year anniversary.

Fans of the AMG are used to it standing for performance, which is the reason it has featured in motorsport for such a long time. This concept is no different, considering the fact it is pushing the boundaries of hybrid technology to improve performance even further with the implementation of its EQ Power+ technology. It also features unique design elements such as wing mirrors replaced by back-facing cameras.

Concept EQ and Concept EQA

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As each leading motor vehicle company is looking to branch out into purely electric cars, Mercedes-Benz are forging ahead in the same way with their Concept EQ and Concept EQA vehicles. With an emphasis on electric mobility, these two concepts are paving the way for pure battery-electric cars, as well as the dynamics of home and public charging.

With an electro-look inside and out, these concept cars are focusing on the design just as much as the electric inner-workings. By making electric cars as sleek and sophisticated as regular petrol or diesel vehicles, they can pave the way for a future where to have an electric car is a much more common concept.

MBUX and AMG Project One

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Whilst many Mercedes-Benz concepts remain that way, or go on to inspire future cars, other concepts are actually becoming a reality. The most exciting concept car that is set to be launched in the near future is the AMG Project One, a hypercar that is essentially an F1 car designed for the road. Built with a lot of the same technology that has gone into Hamilton’s winning vehicle (as well as the new W09 that will be used in the 2018/2019 season), this concept could soon be yours for the cool price of £2 million.

A concept that is set to feature in many of Mercedes’ newest vehicles, the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) is in essence, a full touchscreen dashboard, but in reality will offer the driver a lot more. It is Mercedes’ aim that their cars become the equivalent of smartphones in that way, allowing the driver to easily control the vehicle using voice-activation and other touch-activated systems. Look out for it at the Geneva Motor Show on the new A-class.

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