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Synchronising your Mercedes Windows and Sunroof

Post Date: 20th October 2017


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How do I know if my Mercedes windows and sunroof need re-syncing?

If one or more of the following occurs, you may need to re-sync your Mercedes windows and sunroof:

• Your Mercedes window fully closes, but drops a few centimetres when you take your finger off the button.

• Your windows and/or sunroof do not close properly at all, or require several clicks before opening.

• The one-touch window button feature does not work.

How do I re-synchronise my Mercedes windows?

You can re-synchronise the windows and sunroof by following these five simple steps:

• Make sure all the doors of your car are closed

• Put the key in position 1, but do not start the car

• Click the window button until the window fully closes, then wait for 5 seconds, or until you hear a click.

• Check if this has solved the problem, and repeat if necessary.

• Repeat procedure for each window.

How do I re-sync my Mercedes sunroof?

Re-sync your Mercedes sunroof by following these steps:

• Make sure all the doors of your car are closed

• Put the key in position 2, but don’t start the car

• Open the sunroof the whole way (please note: you may need to press the switch a few times before this works)

• Keep holding the sunroof button down for 5 seconds, or until you hear a click

• Close the sunroof and hold the button for 5 seconds after it has closed all the way, or until you hear a click

• Check that this has resolved the problem and repeat the steps if necessary

If you’re looking for sunroof parts, head over to our body panels section. Got a question? Our dedicated team of experts would be delighted to assist you, contact us today.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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