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Mercedes Wedding Cars – 4 of the best

Post Date: 24th June 2016


Mercedes cars at weddings

Mercedes vehicles have long been associated with elegance, class and luxury.

From the iconic Mercedes Benz 300 to the classic 230SL convertible, the cars have a timeless appeal that many vehicle manufacturers aspire to.

For the above reasons, Mercedes’ cars have long been chosen as the wedding vehicle of choice by couples wanting to celebrate their big day in style.

If you’re looking for a luxury Mercedes car for your own nuptials, take inspiration from our pick of favourite wedding vehicles.

1952 Mercedes Benz 300

Of all the Mercedes wedding cars out there, the Mercedes Benz 300 is one of our favourites.

This luxury limousine-style vehicle has been favoured by both royalty and celebrities over the years, and remains one of the brand’s most celebrated cars.

Charming leather interior and a polished wooden dashboard are among the vehicle’s enviable features, along with the enigmatic Mercedes badge.

Decorate with a ribbon or beautiful floral arrangement for the perfect addition to your special day.

Mercedes Benz 230SL convertible

If you’re planning to drive both you and your loved one to your wedding, we recommend the outstanding 230SL convertible.

Built between 1963 and 1967, this roadster is a dream to drive and a remnant of the swinging sixties – perfect if you’re looking for a vintage wedding theme.

The Mercedes Benz 230SL is the quintessential wedding vehicle and has long been favoured by newlyweds for its sleek shape.

If you’re getting married in a rural location, we recommend taking it for a quick spin on the open road.

Mercedes C-Class

Couples looking for something a little more modern may want to look to the latest Mercedes C-Class for their wedding vehicle of choice.

These executive-style cars exude luxury and come equipped with all the mod cons you’d expect from a top of the range vehicle.

The five-seater looks fantastic in black, white or silver, depending on your personal preferences.

For the ultimate luxury, we recommend hiring a chauffeur to take you two and from your wedding venue, giving you the chance to enjoy a glass of Champagne.

1963 Mercedes 600 Grand Limousine

The 1960s saw Mercedes unveil some of its most luxurious vehicles, including the palatial 1963 Mercedes Grand Limousine.

This breathtaking saloon is up there with many of the world’s most celebrated vehicles, rivalling both Rolls Royces and Bentleys.

One major benefit of the Mercedes 600 is its large size, making it perfect for couples that wish to travel with other family members or friends.

The Mercedes 600 is a celebrity of the car world, having been featured in several Bond films.

Notable owners of the Mercedes 600 have included George Harrison, Coco Chanel, Elvis and Karen Carpenter, not to mention a host of powerful statesmen.

We hope this guide has helped you in your search for a wedding vehicle. Check out our blog for further information about the history of Mercedes.

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