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How to Replace a Mercedes Bonnet Emblem

Post Date: 06th July 2017


How long will it take? How much will it cost? What’s the difficulty level?
15 minutes The cost of a pair of needle nose pliers new bonnet emblem, if needed. Easy


Replacing your Mercedes bonnet/hood emblem is actually a pretty easy job, so there’s no need to get it done professionally.

Follow our step-by-step guide to replacing and installing a new emblem.

– Use the bonnet release that’s under the dashboard, on the driver’s side, to open the bonnet. You should be able to find this next to the brake pedal.

– Go under the bonnet and locate the bottom part of the hood ornament. You should be able to see the metal section that holds it in place.

– Using your needle nose pliers, you need to rotate the retaining clip. To do this, rotate it 90 degrees so that the locking tab is aligned with the open channel in the bonnet.

– Gently lower the hood and push up on the hood ornament through the hole.

– Now it’s time to install the new hood emblem. Press the new emblem firmly into the hole and lock it in place with your pliers. To do this, twist the emblem 90 degrees so it’s aligned with the bonnet’s open channel.

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